Live AutoDJ

Audio Streaming with AutoDJ

Shoutcast & Icecast with SSL & Android App include

Main features in all plans

Total control

Broadcast live or with Auto DJ 24x7x365, you decide how to handle your online radio station.

Streaming MP3 or AAC+

Streaming in MP3 or AAC+. Decide how you want your radio station sounds, we recommend AAC.

Android App Include

Free Android App published in the Google Play Store with the purchase and active any plan.

SSL Compatible

No more security problems with your radio station, our servers are 100% SSL compliant.

Satisfaction guarantee

Your purchase is protected for 30 days with your money back no questions asked.

Multi-user for DJs

Create many users as you need and program your station with DJs around the world.

Premium hardware

Powerful servers with 32GB of RAM and Intel Xeon processors with 4 cores and 1Gbit port link and SSD disks.

Unsurpassable uptime

Load balancing across servers for better performance. We are obsessed with 100% uptime.

Simple pricing

Choose a plan according to your need

Monthly Yearly
  • Basic
    • $ 5 Monthly (USD)
    • 1000 Listeners*
    • 5GB AutoDJ space
    • Approx. 1.500 Tracks
    • Up to 128Kbps
    • Android App **
  • Lite
    • $ 9 Monthly (USD)
    • 1200 Listeners *
    • 10GB AutoDJ space
    • Approx. 3.000 Tracks
    • Up to 128Kbps
    • Android App **
  • Standard
    • $ 12 Monthly (USD)
    • 1400 Listeners *
    • 15GB AutoDJ space
    • Approx. 4.500 Tracks
    • Up to 128Kbps
    • Android App **
  • Ultra
    • $ 25 Monthly (USD)
    • 2000 Listeners *
    • 30GB AutoDJ space
    • Approx. 9.000 Tracks
    • Up to 192Kbps
    • Android App **
50% guaranteed *
Published on Play Store if the service is active **

All plans include:

  • Unmetered Traffic
  • Icecast v2 or KH
  • AutoDJ with SSD Drives
  • Android Mobile App
  • Shoutcast v1 or v2
  • Streaming over SSL
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • 1 Shoutcast/Icecast Port
  • Broadcast in MP3 or AAC+
  • HTML 5 Player
  • Multi-user for DJs
  • Detailed Statistics

Are you a AM or FM radio station and needs more resources? Try our

Live AM/FM Service


It's a SSL Audio Streaming?

Yes. You radio station have SSL for compatibility with all Internet browsers and applications and it is completely free with any plan.

I can upgrade to a higher plan easily?

Sure, you simply must pay the additional cost with regard to the new plan and we'll do the rest completely transparent to you and your service.

How long I have active service?

Normally the service is activated immediately after the payment, however it is likely (actually very unlikely) that can take up to 48 hours.

I can upgrade the space for AutoDJ?

Yes off course you can, but only if you have the last plan. If not, must upgrade to the next level plan from the list published in our website.

How I can get the discount offered?

The discount is applied only to the first month of service. Just click on the Buy button and follow the instructions to finish.

What payment methods used?

We receive Paypal, Credit Card & Wire Transfer by Western Union. Wire transfer is available only for annual payments.