Shoutcast with unlimited listeners

Is true or fake?


We have been in the business of streaming audio services under SHOUTcast for a long time. Since 2004 to be specific, we are now one of the fastest growing companies in this type of service, so much so we deployed two new brands calls RaudioPlayer and RaudioStream to meet new needs that our customers had.

Recently we have seen many websites and companies alleged that claim to offer unlimited audio streaming services at prices really low. The purpose of this post is to clarify what these companies or individuals are doing and avoid falling into these scams.

Let's see how things are. A company X charges you $ 50 per year and offers unlimited traffic and listeners. This means you could have 100, 1,000, 10,000, a million or even 10 million listeners connected to time without any additional cost. Would be saying that these companies are able to offer something similar to what Google and Facebook offer, which is able to support so many users connected to their systems at the same time.

It may sound exaggerated, but it's true because there is no difference between what they do Facebook and Google. Receive network connections and process them on servers on the network. Is exactly the same proportionately for each case.

Points to consider:

  • Every single computer system in the world is limited, just as each network connection has a limit, it is not true that there are unlimited Internet connections. Not even that paid to Internet service provider is unlimited, let alone costs $ 50 a year.
  • Google and Facebook have large global infrastructures (which still are not "unlimited") that cost millions of dollars a week to maintain and run. Do you really think that a company or person can offer unlimited service for just $ 50 a year?, Not really a science true as spend Facebook and Google to keep their networks, but if I have clearly not $ 50 per year.
  • A SHOUTcast server requires obligation prompted a number of listeners in its configuration file to start and the "unlimited" is not accepted by this type of servers, making it impossible to configure a port to work with listeners SHOUTcast unlimited.
  • A SHOUTcast server is not designed to cope with more than a few thousand connections in one instance, it would take several networked servers to supply a single customer connection with more than 5 thousand listeners connected to the same real time.

With this as a base, do you really think that these companies or individuals may provide listeners with unlimited traffic unlimited for only $ 50 a year?.

The purpose of this post is to alert people and not be fooled. We recommend hiring companies with appreciation, companies that sell what you offer the right price, companies can respond to a request for support, companies that actually have the infrastructure to take what they offer, and experienced business professionals at your service .

There are many companies that can offer services to SHOUTcast fair price and without guile, but we hope you can take a look at our portfolio of services RaudioStream, RaudioPlayer and Audio Streaming. These 3 brands are part of our line of business for radio stations. Take a look and evaluate on their own what we are doing for the Internet radio stations.