Free Android application with RaudioStream

Choose any of our plans and take it for free


Now with the RaudioStream Audio Streaming service, you have a free Android application published and ready to use in the Google Play Store. Applies for new and old clients with any of our plans.

Since we took over the operation of RaudioStream, we have been listening to our clients and that is why, today it is a reality that with the purchase of any of our plans, you have the right to publish an Android application in the Google Play Store without having to pay plus. The only thing you must have is active service for it to continue working.

How does it work?

With the purchase of any of our plans and when you already have at least two months of contracted service (immediately without three months contracts), our team will proceed to the development and publication of the application for your radio. This could take a couple of days while it passes approval by Google.

What should I do?

All you need is to send a support ticket in your Client Area to RaudioStream, indicating that you want to have your application published in the Play Store, our team will ask for a few data necessary for the publication and in a matter of days you will receive a response with the App URL when Google The Hague published in the Play Store.

Why is the App branded RaudioStream?

In the Play Store, the Impressa Network will appear as a developer and within the app the RaudioStream icon and a link to our website will appear but don't worry, you can eliminate this if it is inconvenient for you by paying a small additional charge that will be charged to your account.

Am I entitled to the application apk?

The APK of the application is the property of the Impressa Network, what we want to deliver is the possibility of using it with our streaming audio service and it will remain in operation if or only if you have your streaming audio service with RaudioStream is active.

Why only for Android?

Don't worry, we are working hard to also bring it to the Apple App Store and on other platforms such as Apple Car, Android Auto and Alexa.