Royalty free background music

Ambient music for any venue

Main features

100% Compatible

Mac OS, Windows or Linux. Just open your web browser and ready.

Uptime Insurmountable

Our unsurpassed uptime allows you to have 24x7x365 uninterrupted service.

Based in the Cloud

It based entirely on the cloud for better accessibility and performance.

High Quality Audio

Sound with very low bandwidth consumption without buffering.

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$ 25 By Location
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Frequents Answers & Questions

As the presets channels work?

Presets channels are handled by our professionals and the songs are updated each week as new rotations at the discretion of our professionals.

I can suggest songs to the preset channels?

Yes you can do it, but we can not guarantee it is added because our professionals are responsible for managing these channels according to target.

What I can do with my own channel?

Launch a fully automated station. Upload your music and create playlists and schedules and choose to take requests from your customer or your brand.

I can talk to my DJ hired?

Yes, you can. But we will communicate your requests and suggestions that he will be happy to consider in order to improving your channel.

How many points I can use the service?

Each is available for two points or locations, but you can hire them for more points in any form you choose.

I need many channels, how do I do?

No problem, we can provide channels you need, feel free to contact us and we will gladly develop a proposal that meets your needs.