About Us

Our philosophy, what we do and how we do it

We are a company committed to the mission to offer Streaming Audio solutions with the highest standards of quality and the best price. Founded in 2005 with the initiative of a group of young professionals with a desire to provide solutions to radio stations to be on the Internet.

15 years of experience in the business and more than 30 million hours of multimedia content delivered via streaming are our letter.

We serve hundreds of clients and sites around the world providing services Hosting, Domains, Web Development, Application Development and Audio/Video streaming with our RaudioStream, DONGIGA.COM and RaudioPlayer brands. Likewise, we expand our business capability to support the generation of digital content through our network of websites Impressa Network.


Provide the best service and most competitive rates in order to become us in leader of the market.


Be the provider number one of audio streaming services on the entire world maintaining high quality services. All this aimed at finding appropriate technologies to ensure our competitiveness.


• Ethics.
• Responsibility.
• Commitment.
• Respect for our customers.